February 16' 2021

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Will You Sell Through Super Market ?

Supermarkets, Malls, Departmental Stores, Large Retail Chains like Big Bazaar, DMart etc. form a distinct channel of B2B distribution called organized retail or Modern Trade (MT). As opposed to General Trade (GT) where distributors, wholesalers, dealers, stockists, retailers etc. form an intricate network of channel partners MT is a simpler form of B2B distribution where brands sell directly to MTs. Thus the channel relieves brands from the hassles of managing large number of intermediaries yet gives assured sales from supermarket store- shelves month after month. At present, MT is the fastest growing B2B distribution channel in India accounting for about 10% of total retail market. It is estimated that MT shall account for 30% of total retail market by 2030.

As a brand / manufacturer would you consider MT a preferred B2B channel ? If you are channel partner would you be worried about competition from MT ? Let us discuss comparative merits and demerits of MT for small and medium manufacturers.

MT And Indian Retail Distribution Market

Indian retail industry is huge estimated to be worth $ 1.1 trillion. General Trade (GT) accounts for about 88% of total market, followed by Modern Trade (MT) accounting for about 10% of market and online (e.g. Amazon, Flipkart etc.) accounting for 2% (Source: IBEF).

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Overseas Buyers

We Are Oman Based Food Wholesaling Company - Looking for Reliable Suppliers Of Grocery, Please Contact (Oman) Feb 16' 2021

Ours Is Leading Corporate Gifts Supplier In Singapore - Buying Bed Linen And Home Furnishing Textiles - Please Contact (Singapore) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Industrial Fasteners - Screws And Bolts, Nuts, Retaining Rings, Washers And Anchors Of Brass, Steel And Copper - Indian Suppliers Please Contact (UK) Feb 16' 2021

Importing Black Pepper whole And Powdered For Japan (Japan) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Marble Counter Tops (Japan) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Aromatic Essential Oils - Rose Oil, Hyssop Oil, Myrrh Oil, Vetiver Oil And Grapefruit Oil (Australia) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Rice Flour For Making Idli (Australia) Feb 16' 2021

Importing Branded Organic Fragrances Of Rose, Lily, Jasmine And Lavender For Making Candles (Singapore) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Fresh Vegetable For Kuwait (Kuwait) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Ladies Fashionable Scarves (Qatar) Feb 15' 2021

Wanted Frozen Marine Food (Singapore) Feb 15' 2021

Wanted Ladies Leather Garment In Printed, Plain And Floral Designs (Austia) Feb 15' 2021

Indian Suppliers, Please Contact - Importing Grocery Products for Bahrain (Bahrain) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted Beauty Products, Cosmetics - Kajal, Eye Liners, Lipsticks, Nail Paints, Compacts And Foundations (Oman) Feb 15' 2021

Buying Branded Orthopedic Accessories - Interested Suppliers Please Contact (Malaysia) Feb 15' 2021

Wanted Raw and Powdered Spices for Bahrain (Bahrain) Feb 15' 2021

Buying Nutraceuticals for Malaysia (Malaysia) Feb 15' 2021

Wanted Achar / Pickles - Fresh, Spicy And Sour Mango Pickles, Lemon Pickles, Carrot Pickles, Green Chilli Pickles, Mixed Pickles And Red Chilli Pickles (Bahrain) Feb 15' 2021

Wanted Powdered Psyllium Husks (Malaysia) Feb 15'2021

Wanted Eco Friendly, Washable Labels For Garments Made Up Of Polyester With Polyester Yarns And Metallic Yarns (Japan) Feb 15'2021

Wanted Rice From India - 1127, IR-361, Sella, Matta, Parboiled (Singapore) Feb 15'2021

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Channel Partners

Available - Distributor/ Superstockist/ C & F Agent Of Electronic Products, Electrical Fittings, Building Materials In Jaipur (Rajasthan) Feb 16' 2021

Available - Sales Agent Of Electronic Products, Household Goods, Consultancy Services In Delhi, Uttar Pradesh And Uttarakhand (NOIDA) Feb 16' 2021

IoT, AI Based Educational Products, 3D Printers - Required Franchise and Channel Partners Across India (Delhi) Feb 16' 2021

Join AMAZON EasyStore Program - Golden Opportunity To Earn Without Stocking Products (Delhi) Feb 16'2021

Wanted - Distributors Of Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Goods, Nutraceuticals Across India (UP) Feb 16' 2021

Available - C & F Agent Of Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Perfumes In Uttar Pradesh (UP) Feb 16' 2021

Available - C & F Agent Of Nylons, Fabrics, Fibres For North India (Uttar Pradesh) Jan 25' 2021

Distributors And C&F Required For Ayurvedic, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Healthcare And Personal Care Products (Tamilnadu) Feb 16' 2021

Wanted-Distributor/Superstockist/ C & F Agent Of Spices Across East India (Jharkhand) Feb 16' 2021

Available - Experienced Super Stockist With Wide Market Contact And Considerable Infrastructure and Investment Capacity in Chennai (Tamilnadu) Feb 16' 2021

Large Diversified Group In Kerala - Looking For C&F Opportunity (Kerala) Feb 16' 2021

Leading International Disinfectants and Sanitizers Manufacturer PaxChem Looking for Distributors Across India (Mumbai) Feb 16' 2021

Limese Connect Is Looking For Channel Partners For Indo-Korean Skin Care Products (Maharashtra) Feb 16' 2021

Leading Ready-To-Drink Fruit Juice Manufacturer Looking For Beverage Distributors/ Superstockists Across India (Gujarat) Jan 27' 2021

Leading Manufacturer Of Ayurvedic Chocolates Looking For Distributors/ Superstockists Across India (Karnataka) Feb 16' 2021

iSmart Looking For Channel Partners In North India With Territory Exclusivity (Kerala) Feb 16' 2021

Global Leader In Dry Fruit Market Looking For Superstockists/ Distributors Of Menthol Products, Dry Fruits, Sanitizers Across India (DELHI) Feb 16' 2021

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Why Faida

Internet Technology has opened huge business opportunity that was unthinkable even 15 years back. We only have to look around to find new customers, new markets, new way of doing business. Today, one can find overseas buyers without visting abroad, meet new customers through website / email, enter new markets through online without spending fortune. Ability to build sales and distribution channels at home and abroad, which only large companies like Hindustan Lever or Nestle could do - is now within reach of small and medium enterprises. FAIDA intends to present such opportunities to you every 2 weeks alongwith a regular column on latest trends in online marketing. Please help us with your feedback/comments. Happy and Productive Reading !

Vol 8 Issue 3 : February 16' 2021

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