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How To Ensure Customers Read and Respond Emails

Why our emails go unanswered ? We send emails to prospective customers everyday but how many of them get any response ? Why is it so ? Why people do not respond to emails ? The answer may be loss of data, spam filter, firewall and many other physical barriers on which we do not have much control. But it may as well be our own follies - may be our emails do not look professional enough or interesting enough to open. How to make sure our emails receive proper response - every time ?

Essential preconditions for email response are - the email reaches its destination and the recipient reads it. Next challenge is to make the email interesting enough to deserve response. So, let's identify specific barriers in each of these 3 stages and how to overcome these to make sure customers read our emails and respond.

1. How To Make Sure Email Reaches Destination

Though it looks simple, trust me, its not that simple. Assuming email address is correct, your mail may still get entangled in spam filter or firewall depending on your 'reputation'. To maintain a high reputation score, ensure that your domain's SPF, DKIM, reverse DNS, Mx records are in order (entirely in your hand) as also your IP has good reputation. There are many free reputation checkers, such as SenderScore.org where your can check both domain and IP. Like a credit score, a Sender Score is a measure of your reputation. Scores are calculated from 0 to 100. The higher your score, the better your reputation and the higher your email deliverability rate.

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Why Faida

Internet and Technology has opened huge business opportunity that was unthinkable even 15 years back. We only have to look around to find new customers, new markets, new way of doing business. Today, one can find overseas buyers without visting abroad, meet new customers through website/email without spending fortunes on advertisement, enter new markets through online. Ability to build sales and distribution channels at home and abroad, which only large companies like Hindustan Lever or Nestle could do - is now within reach of small and medium enterprises. FAIDA intends to present such opportunities to you every 2 weeks alongwith a regular column on latest trends in online marketing. Please help us with your feedback/comments. Happy and Productive Reading !

Vol 6 Issue 18 : August 9' 2019

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Distributors - Domestic Opportunities

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Available - C and F Agent of Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics in Hyderabad (Telangana) August 7' 2019

Available - Distributor of Auto Spare Parts, Hardware Tools, Abrasives, Power Tools etc in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) August 7' 2019

Available - Distributor of Consumer and Food Products in Taki (West Bengal) August 6' 2019

Available - Superstockist of FMCG Products in Pune (Maharashtra) August 6' 2019

Available - Distributor / Superstockist For Healthcare, Automobile and Constructon Related Products in Chennai (Tamil Nadu) August 6' 2019

Available - Super Stockist Of Pharma and FMCG Products in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) August 6' 2019

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